Vesanto - Rimini - Torun

Vesanto - Rimini - Toruń


A presentation of Vesanto

Here is another presentation made by our upper secondary school students. The topic of the presentation is our village, Vesanto. We hope you will find it interesting!

A presentation of Finland (Vesanto)

Here is a short presentation made by the upper secondary school students of Vesannon yhtenäiskoulun lukio in autumn 2014. The topic of presentation is Finland.

Our school – photos (Poland)

Dear Finish students and teachers,  
We have seen your school so now we would like to show you some photos of our beautiful school. We hope that our Italian partners will also enjoy them. ;)



Our visit in Finland (Poland)

Dear Finish partners and students!

Thank you for your kind wishes. After the meeting of coordinators in Finland we prepared a presentation which depicts our appreciation of the country and your school. We have enjoyed that visit very much! This presentation was shown to our pupils and teachers. Thank you for your hospitality and good cooperation in 2014! All the best for 2015!

Christmas in Finland

Dear partners,

we wish you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Thank you for your cooperation during the first year of our project.  Here is a little description of how we celebrate Christmas in Finland, written by our 8th graders.

In Finland, Christmas Eve (24 December) is celebrated more than Christmas Day (25 December). On Christmas Eve, Father Christmas comes and gives gifts to children or the gifts are put under the Christmas tree. We believe that Father Christmas lives in Finland, in a place called Korvatunturi in Lapland. Father Christmas's sleigh is pulled by reindeer. Many people go to church on Christmas morning.

We eat many different kinds of food during Christmas time. We eat Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve, usually after Christmas sauna and before opening the presents. Christmas dinner includes for example carrot casserole, swede casserole, potatoes, peas, salmon or other kinds of fish. The most important food on the table for many Finns is ham. We also eat rice pudding and gingerbread and drink home-brewed beer or mulled wine during Christmas time.

Merry Christmas or "Hyvää Joulua" as we say in Finnish! :)

The students and staff of Vesannon yhtenäiskoulu

Toruń (Poland) - something more about our city

Toruń (Poland) - our school

This is what our students prepared about Zespół Szkół nr 7 in Toruń ;)

Rimini (Italy)

Below, you can see a presentation of Rimini and the school Liceo Statale A. Serpieri in Italy.

The school of Vesanto (Finland)

Below, you can find a short presentation of our school in Vesanto. This is made by our students.

About us  – our attitude to being ‘green’ and sustainable development (Poland)

The progress of civilization brings a lot of facilities for contemporary society. Especially the young generation is willing to employ technological innovations. However, one has to remember that rapid economical progress of the world causes impendency for the natural environment.

For the School Complex No 7 in Toruń the idea of sustainable development […] became particularly important. […] The ecological character of the School Complex No 7 has been developed over the past ten years. It was started when the terms like ‘ecology’, ‘environmental protection’ or simply ‘green’ were not given a particular attention. […] In local region, our small motherland, the School Complex No 7 is associated with the world ‘green’ both literally and metaphorically. The effectiveness of the institution is emphasized with its image, which is a green island among the concrete blocks of flats. We do care about the history of our area through visiting and looking after historical places, as well as through collecting information about historical buildings and their past and present roles. […]

In 2004 the School Complex No 7 in Toruń was rewarded the first degree of the ‘Green Certificate’. […] As a result, the School Complex No 7 is now perceived as more attractive in both ecological and educational sense. It also opened the door for activating the local society and popularizing ecology among local people, what led to a significant improvement in the authority of the school. […]

Between 2007 and 2009 the school workers managed to carry into effect another activity in the field of sustainable development that was inseparably linked to local needs and the vision of our school. Within the frames of the project called “Our ‘Baszka’ that is the Toruń Stream” (Nasza Baszka czyli Struga toruńska) all the undertaken actions became a natural way of continuation of the previous activities and involved local activities and other subjects. […]

In the calendar of the school events different ecological actions that involve not only school workers but also local citizens are of prime importance. The list includes orienteering event along the educational path of the ‘Mokre’ District, family races along the Toruń Stream, ‘Clean up the world’, family picnics, St. Nicolaus Day for animals and charity concerts ‘It’s good to be together’. […]

The crowning achievement of the common effort is both the quality sign for an environmentally friendly school that propagates the idea of sustainable development, as well as the ‘Green Certificate’ of the second degree that is seldom to be found among schools in Poland. 

Lucyna Namysłowska-Hartowicz
Marzena Polaszewska

Zespół Szkół no 7 (Poland)

Zespół Szkół no 7 is a unit with long-standing traditions in teaching. The school is widely recognized amongst its local community, especially due to its approach involving close cooperation with students’ families. The aim of the school is to encompass students with knowledge, abilities and attitudes which will help them to function successfully in the society, to teach them how to manage with all hardships while at the same time being able to live in accordance with the rules of sustainable development. 

In the school there are more than 700 students involved into various curricular and extracurricular activities. Zespół Szkół no 7 offers them many possibilities of personal and professional development. The school takes pride in a dance group that wins national and international contests, a theatre group that performs during various important occasions. Children are also involved into charity actions held annually. 

Not only does Zespół Szkół no 7 promote a healthy lifestyle and entrepreneurship, but it is also an integrated school where pupils at risk of social exclusion, with physical disabilities and the hard of hearing develop their talents in various areas of life. Every year students become award winners of local and regional contests in Polish, English, Mathematics, History or Biology.

The school has well-equipped classrooms with multimedia projectors and several interactive whiteboards. There are two computer rooms used by IT teachers and a laboratory for chemistry or science lessons. Physical Education is one of the subjects of utmost importance in the school as it helps to promote health awareness and well-being. In the area of the school there is a playground for the youngest kids, a sporting facility, a running track and inside of the building there are two professionally-equipped gyms. 

Students of our school excel at English, Spanish and German languages. Language teachers cooperate with schools abroad located in Sweden, France, Spain and Germany. The school is open to and promotes any international contacts. Therefore, if you would like to start a cooperation with us, please do not hesitate and write to:

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