Vesanto - Rimini - Torun

Vesanto - Rimini - Toruń

Body Image

Main themes

During the second year of the project main themes that we pondered over were devoted to body image and the way it has changed throughout centuries. Polish students were working on body image in popular culture, Finish students focused on body image in media and Italian students discussed matters concerning body image in subcultures. All countries focused also on body image in their own art.

Below you can find presentations prepared by our students which were showed during the international exchange in Poland in 2016 by Polish students. 

And also some pieces of art created by our students (Poland 2016)

Here you can see some products created during the international  exchange in Poland (April 2016)
on which all students were working together. 


"Special moments" chronicle

“Image of a body in our countries’ art – a summary”
(The final presentation created after the exchange). 

More detailed information about all tasks and activities (with detailed description) you may find on “Introduction” page of this blog. 

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