Vesanto - Rimini - Torun

Vesanto - Rimini - Toruń

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Supportive initiatives – The School Festival (Poland)

Every year in September our school organizes The School Festival for the pupils and their families. During this gathering there are many activities prepared by the teachers that all visitors can join in and have fun with. In order to promote our project this year we prepared a special site where students could play ‘The Boules’. It is a kind of game popular for example in Italy. Our aim was to promote amongst all students the importance of physical activity and its influence on our bodies, as well as, the culture of our Italian partner. Moreover, due to this occasion some leaflets concerning the project and the programme Erasmus+ were distributed amongst all players and their families.

Let's start Year 2!

Year 2 (2015-2016)

During the second year of the project we will mainly focus on subjects devoted to body image. Our students will explore subjects concerning eating disorders, body image in art, culture, media, subcultures and dangers of plastic surgeries that may also greatly influence our physical appearance. Italy will be the leading country which experience in art matters is going to be the most valued during the year. What is more, in 2016 students from Italy and Finland will come to Poland.