Vesanto - Rimini - Torun

Vesanto - Rimini - Toruń

Monday, 17 April 2017

Transitional project meeting in Italy (IT/FIN/POL)

From 10th to 13th April teachers from Finish and Polish schools participated in a final transitional project meeting in Rimini (Italy).

During three days of workshop they discussed subjects devoted to dissemination procedures, evaluated the results of the project, planned the content of motivational Power Point presentation and filled in all the reports necessary.

What is more, during the meeting some teaching practices were exchanged and we learnt even more about educational differences concerning our countries. Moreover, we had a chance to observe maths and English lessons conducted by Italian teachers.

The meeting was a rewarding experience for all interested parties as it allowed us not only to manage with all project details, but it also became a chance to discuss the future of European projects in our schools.